How to Work From Home as a Virtual Assistant in 2021

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by Filipino Virtual Assistance | Mar 20, 2021 | Virtual Assistants Tips | 10 comments

Are you thinking to transition to work from home this 2021?

Probably you have so many doubts about where to start. You can create a new career (work from home), even from scratch. This blog will show you how to start your work from home profession, even without experience.

Who can Begin to Work From Home?

Anyone can start as long as you have skills, the needed essentials, and the character. Often, no matter how excellent a virtual assistant you are, your personality makes you sustainable. Also, a work from the home setup is imperative for your efficiency. Thus, it is a must to have this setup before hunting clients.

The Work From Home Setup

As a remote worker, you will be providing services where you showcase your skills with value. And for you to effectively do that, you must prepare ahead of the requirements before job hunting.

Skills, internet connection, and computer are the top three requirements to start working from home. However, due to the high demand for freelancers in the market, you need to prepare other essentialities to captivate premium clients. Since these essentials are necessary to your freelancing career, organizing ahead will indeed thrive your work-from-home job.

Where to Find Clients

Assuming you already have the setup, it’s now time to find clients or have the client find you. To find clients, create a profile on these platforms:

There are numerous freelancing platforms out there. You can check this blog here to find which is the right platform for you. For social media sites such as FB Groups, FB Agencies, Linked In, and Pinterest, there are job posts where you can spot jobs aligned to your skillsets. Still, be careful to check every client’s digital presence because other job posts are inevitably scams. 

For Google, you can type in “work from home jobs” plus your skills to immediately see lists of current remote jobs in hiring. For referrals, you can ask your friends or network in any social media groups and then ask for referrals.

You may be wondering why FVA is part of the list. Probably you are thinking that FVA is only providing training. It’s true; However, FVA has launched a new company named Surge.FVA plus Surge is like a one-stop business providing holistic freelancing solutions. This is the first and only platform for exemplary freelancers. As soon as students gain experience through apprenticeship or an actual client, they are ready to get hired.

And for the clients to reach out to you, create, optimize and grow your digital presence. That way, clients can see the actual results of your expertise.

Sending applications can be challenging, especially if you don’t know the proper way. Here is some other work from home tips that you can leverage.

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